International Workshop in Domestic Biogas

SNV, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Ministry of Agriculture in China organised a three-day International Workshop on Domestic Biogas from 20-22 November in Chengdu, China.

Almost 120 participants from over twenty countries.

The workshop aimed to interactively evaluate the performance of national domestic biogas programs in Asia and to assess their outlook. Additionally, the event discussed in-depth the latest developments and opportunities of the following key issues in biogas programs carbon financing, credit facilities, product development, use of bio-slurry and enabling environments of biogas sectors.

International Workshop on Domestic Biogas

Group Photo

Micro discussion about using biogas in some Asian and African countries: Positive and negative points Action points to overcome the weaknesses in each country

Making Fiber-glass Biogas Digester

The Fiber-glass under High Temperature and Pressure for 15 min.

Final View

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